I forgot to update the comments for the reason for the new build. I added a desktop file and appdata file so it will show up in Gnome Software Center.

Yeah, not a clean way to do it. You could kill the other update and move it over here but you may have to wait until it un-pushes from -testing.

I'll just ignore it for now and see if it all works out :)

I received a notification that freecad's dependencies failed to resolve[1]

nothing provides shiboken-python2-devel needed by python-pyside-devel-1.2.4-1.el7.x86_64

Should the shiboken-1.2.4-9.el7 updated be added to this update?

Do I need to rebuild freecad?


Fixed and rebuilding. When I add the new build to the update the karma will reset.

Dang it... Yes I don't do Epoch bumps often and forget to add it to the requirements in the subpackages.

Ok, since I bumped the Epoch of the package a simple yum update should pick it up, plus the new pdns and mongodb if you have them installed.

yum --enablerepo=epel-testing update yaml-cpp

Also, you must login for the karma to affect whether I can push to stable early.

Can you create a buildroot override for dcmtk so I can see if this update fixes my build problem with OpenImageIO?

Ok, so it turns out the problem is in the mariadb package. There is a newer version of mariadb-libs in updates-testing. Try installed it and see if it helps.

It looks like dDtata.pas finds the library but when it tries to pass the location to the fpc mysql module it "forgets" where it is...

Never mind, somehow I had a bad install of mariadb-libs, the symbolic link to was missing.

Why are we getting different results? When I look at the strace, it's trying .so and .so.20, but the soversion of the current library is 18...

Yeah, is installed and in the search path for cqrlog..

$ grep -r Paths | grep mysql src/dData.pas: Paths.Add('/usr/lib64/mysql/');

$ locate /usr/lib64/mysql/ /usr/lib64/mysql/

So I don't know why it's failing...

I've been working with upstream but it seems only Fedora is having this problem and we're having trouble figuring out the cause.

Can you download the following game and run it manually?

$ hwengine test.53.hwd

There should be a game0.log created somewhere in ~/.hedgewars either in Logs/game0.log or Saves/Logs/game0.log

Please email it to me,

Ok, I got what I hope is some useful debug output...

I can confirm the same error occurs on F26...

Ok, I'll see if I can get my kids to test (their computer is still on F26) and see if we get the same thing.

Looks like bodhi was lying to me. It says the buildroot override is active but when I look in koji there's no epel7-override tag.

Yes, that's what I was trying to do but it failed to build because when OpenImageIO is being installed to the buildroot it errors out:

Error: Package: OpenImageIO-1.5.24-3.el7.x86_64 (build) Requires:

But as far as I can tell OpenImageIO was built with the new version of pugixml AND there's a buildroot override for it.

Thanks for the catch!