I'm traveling for work through Friday so not much I can do on the road, but for that matter I'm unsure what I would change. If someone wanted to start a thread over on the freecad forums and see any anyone has any ideas that would be great.

I checked for any packages that required any of the python based provides from the python2 package and there don't seem to be any. This package has been FTBFS since F29 so I think this is better than the alternative.

Looking at the automated test output:

               "arch" : "noarch",
               "code" : "DesktopIconFileMissing",
               "context" : {
                  "excerpt" : [
                  "lineno" : 6,
                  "path" : "/usr/share/fedora-review/test/desktop-file/scantailor.desktop"
               "diag" : "Icon file <var>scantailor</var> not found",
               "subpackage" : "fedora-review-tests"
               "arch" : "noarch",
               "code" : "DesktopFileValidation",
               "context" : {
                  "path" : "/usr/share/fedora-review/test/scantailor.desktop"
               "diag" : "hint: value item \"ImageProcessing\" in key \"Categories\" in group \"Desktop Entry\" can be extended with another category among the following categories: Education, or Science",
               "subpackage" : "fedora-review-tests"

Is this a problem?

Not logged in? Anyway, I got it :)

I also looked through the spec file for ghc-rpm-macros and I don't see where it does anything during install that would depend on a package. It just copied a bunch of macro related files into the correct location.

Am I missing something? I don't see the ghc-rpm-macros dependency...

# repoquery --whatrequires "bibutils*"

I was trying the new dependency generator macro, guess it still needs some work.

This update it 7 months old now... Is it safe to push or not?

Since this is a security update, any reason to not perform the rebuilds and push this 6 month old update?

Didn't catch the soname change. I'll rebuild mongodb.

I forgot to update the comments for the reason for the new build. I added a desktop file and appdata file so it will show up in Gnome Software Center.

Yeah, not a clean way to do it. You could kill the other update and move it over here but you may have to wait until it un-pushes from -testing.

I'll just ignore it for now and see if it all works out :)

I received a notification that freecad's dependencies failed to resolve[1]

nothing provides shiboken-python2-devel needed by python-pyside-devel-1.2.4-1.el7.x86_64

Should the shiboken-1.2.4-9.el7 updated be added to this update?

Do I need to rebuild freecad?


Fixed and rebuilding. When I add the new build to the update the karma will reset.

Dang it... Yes I don't do Epoch bumps often and forget to add it to the requirements in the subpackages.

Ok, since I bumped the Epoch of the package a simple yum update should pick it up, plus the new pdns and mongodb if you have them installed.

yum --enablerepo=epel-testing update yaml-cpp

Also, you must login for the karma to affect whether I can push to stable early.

Can you create a buildroot override for dcmtk so I can see if this update fixes my build problem with OpenImageIO?