Works fine for me and fixes the bugs

BZ#2071228 Various GTK4 apps can trigger Gtk-CRITICAL "gtk_widget_measure: assertion 'for_size >= -1' failed" error in various circumstances

Thanks for the fixes. Works great.

BZ#2037724 The CMake toolchains specify CMAKE_C_COMPILER/CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER with full path, effectively prevent use of ccache


BZ#1787228 CMake doesn't work properly under qemu-arm

@adamwill Yeah, that'd be certainly good. But, this is very unlikely to have any effect on such systems, as the modified part will only run on linux file systems. Testing with multi-distro disks (or maybe with not so common unix-like OSes) is more important.

Well, the problem seems to be OpenJDK 1.8 compatibility issue. It also affects F32. Works fine with OpenJDK 11 (tested under F32).

Well, got an error when trying to run a C++ binary:

An internal error occurred during: "Creating console for /home/hedayat/projects/blahblah (۱۳۹۹/۱/۲۰،‏ ۱۸:۵۵)". java.nio.ByteBuffer.flip()Ljava/nio/ByteBuffer;

Well no, I was wrong. it is OK now. Don't know what happened. sorry.

Default theme (Light) looks ugly in this update. Looks darker, and also e.g. combo boxes are gray instead of white. Or, briefly, it doesn't look like the one in stable.

but anyway, it is functional.

Eclipse CDT indexer doesn't work correctly. Probably because of:

An update to eclipse CDT 9.8.1 seems to fix the problem.

Looks good, but the "Core build system" support seems very lacking (e.g. no build options). I wonder if it is the current Eclipse CDT state or something is missing in the rpm packages? :P BTW, Thanks for the update. It brings useful bug fixes.


Doesn't work for me, due to missing libcrypt-nss.i686 pakcage in x86_64 repo.

Looks good. The first time, it seemed 'weird', and it was frozen when trying to rebuild a C++ project's index. After running 'eclipse -clean' once, everything seems better.

I feel that CDT is producing more parse errors, but even if it is so, I should probably fill bugs upstream. Anyway, I'm happy with the update

BZ#1467077 sensible-editor calls 'which' without any parameters (prints use info of which)

Thanks for testing :)



Fixes 1166416


Works fine. Please push it to stable ASAP, because the current version in stable is blobby-1.0-0.9.rc4.fc21, which doesn't run.