User Icon hadess commented & provided feedback on bluez-5.66-4.fc37 a year ago

Downloaded 5.66-2 and that works fine, so something odd with 5.66-4

There are no changes between those 2 versions that would have an impact on Bluetooth headphones.

Unfortunately this doesn't help with the recent regression of bluetooth mice not reconnecting after resume

There's no reason it would, gnome-bluetooth isn't involved at all.


Fixed python3-pylint-2.12.2-2.fc36.noarch not working

BZ#1944393 pylint-3.0.0a4 is available
BZ#2069189 Broken dependency wrapt<1.14,>=1.11 on Fedora 36
User Icon hadess commented & provided feedback on gdb-11.1-6.fc35 a year ago

"set debuginfod urls" in ~/.config/gdb/gdbinit makes it possible to disable debuginfod usage in config rather than through an envvar.

BZ#2026402 Doesn't respect unset DEBUGINFOD_URLS in ~/.gdbinit

This new daemon has been thoroughly tested downstream by Fedora developers, Fedora hardware partners. Given its architecture, it's a safe addition, and was given the go-ahead to be installed and enabled by default 6 months ago:

I don't think that its addition breaks the freeze, or requires an exception. If not accepted in stable before the hard freeze for release, this update could very well be scheduled for a zero-day release without breaking the update criteria.

It's too late to fix a missing dependency that was accepted at the beginning of the development cycle:


This version crashed while stitching scans. -2 (built but without an update) worked correctly.

BZ#1688817 Throws error when opening PDF files in evince

"Doesn't regress" is the best I can say.

This breaks on system with a "Intel Corporation Wireless 8260 (rev 3a)". Will file a bug shortly


Works for Bluetooth LE devices.

BZ#1481493 Compile time bug breaks some shaders on intel mesa > 17.1.3-2.fc27

Fixes the regression with my VPN.

BZ#1425859 Can't connect to VPN after upgrade

This fixes the crash loading the Google search page for me!


Works in my testing. I could remove devhelp without removing gnome-builder.

No regressions from 3.15.90 for me.