Thanks, finally got around to re-doing sway.

BZ#1754167 FEDORA-MODULAR-2019-ca0457e593 Mako package has broken dependencies on F30
BZ#1739867 Broken support in libdnf of zchunk metadata after rebuilt for librepo 1.10.5

Unable to update Mako on Fedora 30. installing with sudo dnf module update sway:rolling --enablerepo=updates-testing-modular

Problem: cannot install the best update candidate for package mako-1.4-1.module_f30+6136+9abe85a5.x86_64 - nothing provides needed by mako-1.4-1.module_f32+6140+eb754d2b.x86_64

BZ#1706627 dnf update fails behind a proxy when metadata is updated