LGTM, thanks!

LGTM, thanks!

Now works on Gnome 43 - with thanks!!!


LGTM. Works with gimp-lensfun

I've been running this for 3 days with complete success on F34 and Gnome with X11 and the NVidia proprietary driver. Normal browsing, media replay, screenshots and addons are all working well. Conferencing, pinned tabs, anything I've tried with configuration also works well.

BZ#1966933 Update to 89.0
Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media

works for me on F25

Not working on F25 for me

BZ#1504089 easy-karma or bodhi broken: too many 500 error responses

Does this update require re-builds of dependencies? Wondering if gimp-lensfun needs to be rebuilt?

Works for me.