LGTM on CML (i7-10510U).

Test Case microcode update

LGTM on Intel i7-10510U, GPU: UHD620, Storage: SK Hynix C511, Network: Intel 9560 & Realtek RTL8153.

BZ#1828580 CVE-2020-8694 kernel: Insufficient access control vulnerability in PowerCap Framework
BZ#1893474 firefox-82.0.2-1.fc33 breaks gmail and several extensions

Works for me; Dell Precision M4800, i7-4900MQ, nvidia GK106GLM (418.113)

Seems to work fine on both my systems: - Dell Precision M4800 - i7-4900MQ - Quadro K2100M (nvidia 418.113) - Dell Inspiron 7391 2n1 - i7-10510U - UHD620 i915

Fixes #1415137 and seems to work fine :-)

BZ#1415137 java-1.8.0-openjdk: NSS 3.28 update causes core dump

LGTM, this makes the timeouts and job dependency failures go away.

BZ#1331577 hypervvssd, hypervfcopyd, hypervkvpd cause a timeout and notice when started on non-microsoft systems