@forbes: Negative karma was due to AMD audio issues - as others already described this I did not want to waste everyone's time repeating the same things. Probably I should have made this clearer.


If your system does not boot anymore please check if you have the required GPU firmware installed. In F37 linux-firmware won't include the (sizeable) GPU firmware anymore which was moved to vendor-specific packages (e.g. amd-gpu-firmware). For some reason this change was pushed to F36 with

$ rpm -q --recommends linux-firmware

So if you have install_weak_deps=False in your /etc/dnf/dnf.conf this means you won't have these packages by default and your system won't boot anymore.

You can fix this by installing the GPU firmware manually, e.g.:

sudo dnf install amd-gpu-firmware

See bug 2125536 for more information.

(Installing the GPU firmware won't fix the AMD audio issues though)

@stevenfalco: libheif is not part of Fedora (likely installed from rpmfusion-free) and the update was not coordinated between Fedora + RPM Fusion (as expected - RPM Fusion is an independent 3rd party repo. I think there is some progress to rebuild the package but you should watch RPMFusion bug 6158.

Therefore you should not give negative karma to this update.

This update has been unpushed.

missing runtime dependency on "python3-packaging"

@tomato: I don't think this is planned for the EPEL exim package (please note I'm just a random Fedora contributor, not an Exim packager) but it should be pretty easy for you to create a COPR repo for yourself. I'm currently swamped with work so I can't offer this as a volunteer for free.


works on our servers


works for me

BZ#1956859 exim-4.94.2 is available
BZ#1900187 mutter 3.38.1-2 breaks Steam games: Civilization 5, Portal, Portal 2, Black Mesa

This update broke Civilization 5 (with Steam flatpak) for me. See bug 1900187.

BZ#1875138 php-fpm can't write into redis' socket (Fedora)
BZ#1895873 Firefox 82.0.3 available
Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media

just wanted to mention that exim 4.94 broke my existing configuration (sqlite db lookups) which was an unpleasant experience this morning.

works for me after updating to CentOS 2004 (aka "8.2")

would you mind pushing this to F31 soon so I can update borgbackup to a newer version?

BZ#1836534 Please build libb2-0.98.1 for Fedora 31

forgot to enable a buildroot override for libb2

This update has been unpushed.

works for me - please push to stable whenever possible so I can also push borgbackup 1.1.13 to EL 7.

BZ#1836535 Please build libb2-0.98.1 for EPEL 7