I rebuilt systemd with this and systemd-coredump is much much faster. Note dnf5 is the default on rawhide now.


installed the rpm from koji. cockpit appears to work

LoginTo = false

blocks connections to other remote servers. Looks great! thanks



BZ#2123065 fapolicyd fails to install as /etc/bash_completion.d conflicts with filesystem
User Icon frigo commented & provided feedback on tmux-3.3a-1.fc36 a year ago

I don't think BZ#2036552 is in the scope

BZ#2112551 rawhide systemd does not build
User Icon frigo commented & provided feedback on zstd-1.5.1-2.fc35 a year ago

fine on x86_64 and s390x

User Icon frigo commented & provided feedback on grub2-2.06-10.fc35 a year ago

secure boot working, permissions for grub.cfg looking fine.

signature 1
image signature issuers:
 - /CN=Fedora Secure Boot CA
signature 2
image signature issuers:
 - /C=US/ST=Massachusetts/L=Cambridge/O=Red Hat, Inc./OU=Fedora Secure Boot CA 20200709/CN=fedoraca

Is there a way to add a test for the secure boot issue? If not booting a VM with secure boot enabled, maybe just extracting the signatures from shim and validating the certificates of grub efi, it would be a big relief :D

BZ#2030358 CVE-2021-3981 grub2: Incorrect permission in grub.cfg allow unprivileged user to read the file content [fedora-all]
BZ#2030940 Booting with grub2-2.06-9.fc35 and UEFI Secure Boot enabled resulted in Error: Verification Failed: (0x1A) Security Violation

does not crash

BZ#2022336 ssh-keygen -Y find-principals -f /dev/null -s /dev/null crashes
User Icon frigo commented & provided feedback on tcl-8.6.10-6.fc35 2 years ago

thanks, verified

BZ#2024584 fc35 still has tcl fc34

dnf install vim works, thank you!

BZ#2026651 defaults.vim changes create conflicts between vim-minimal and vim-common