• gnome-clocks Works as expected. New World Clocks become visible in gnome-shell as expected.
  • gnome-maps: Works as expected. I was able to reset the app permissions and the request portal access for location services. It picked up the permission and proceeded to find me precisely on the map. The "export as image" feature doesn't seem to be working but I see the same issue with the flathub build.
  • gnome-weather and Evince work as expected.
  • gnome-calculator: works as expected, including the shell search provider.
Test Case Gnome Clocks
Test Case Gnome Maps
Test Case Gnome Weather

@lachmanfrantisek I see the expected* apps following the system-wide color-scheme correctly on my tests. Could you please verify whether the org.gnome.desktop.interface color-scheme gsetting key exists in your system? gsetting list-keys set org.gnome.desktop.interface

Some apps will still PREFER and/or FORCE dark color-scheme by design, see

Here's a video with gnome-maps, gnome-calculator, and evince

You can test this with:

flatpak-module install --koji gnome-text-editor:stable

And run it with:

flatpak run org.gnome.TextEditor//stable

The flatpak-module utility is provided by the flatpak-module-tools package that can be installed with sudo dnf install flatpak-module-tools. Visit for more info.

Works for me! Thank you!

Works! Thank you!

BZ#1941834 Review Request: gnome-connections - A remote desktop client for the GNOME desktop environment

works for me. Thanks!



For those interested in testing this: open Boxes, click "+" and select "Create a Virtual Machine...".

In tracker3-3.0.2-2 you'd get an instant crash. With this update it works as expected. This requires restarting the user session (log out).

@kleinkravis could you please elaborate on the issue you faced?

Nothing major has changed from 3.38.0 to 3.38.1, so this could be a longstanding issue that I am not aware of. I successfully installed Fedora 32 and RHEL 8.2 with this update with no issues.

I have seen Boxes (libvirt) shutdown a VM silently when there's no space left on the device. Could it be your case?

Could you please run Boxes from the command-line with $ G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all gnome-boxes and share the results after the issue is reproduced?


After commenting out default_sysctls = ... from /usr/share/containers/containers.conf I was able to test and verify that this update works. I was pointed out to

I am able to run x11 applications again! Ctrl + P also works as expected. /media is present, same for udev database.

Use flatpak-module install --koji sushi:master to test it.

Thank you! Works for me.

@itrymybest80 yes, since GNOME applications are embracing sandboxing with Flatpak, they no longer will have APIs for filling these "Open with..." lists. They should launch the ~out of process~ app chooser, where the user's app don't get leaked into the app. We are carrying this patch in eog because we build the eog fedora flatpak from this rpm too.

BZ#1822912 Can't open pictures with another app in view mode
BZ#1822912 Can't open pictures with another app in view mode

To test this:

  1. Make sure you have the fedora-testing flatpak repo:

    $ flatpak remote-add fedora-testing oci+

  2. Run:

    $ flatpak-module install --koji gedit:master

To test: $ flatpak-module install --koji gnome-dictionary:master

Toolbox works fine in Fedora Silverblue now.

BZ#1702419 toolbox does not work in F30

To test: flatpak-module install --koji evince:master

To test: flatpak-module install --koji gnome-sound-recorder:master