Looks good to me!


Works! Just make sure you swap ffmpeg with ffmpeg-free before you install this.

BZ#2165399 Review Request: obs-studio - Open Broadcaster Software Studio

Installs fine, and neochat is working fine with it


Installed the x86_64 rpm after removing the previous one, and all dependancies installed and the program runs.

Yay, this update fixes it! Thanks!

BZ#2138290 After upgrade, "Neither Libreswan nor strongSwan were found" , because 'ipsec --version' -> 'Libreswan ', not ' Libreswan '.

On which distro are you? We tested this against centos stream and it built fine, if your distro doesn't have python 3.8 it wont build as the requirements for lutris changed last patch

Been testing it since last weekend, no issues