Installs just fine!

BZ#2271664 blender-4.1.1 is available

Updating worked for me here

Fixes the issue for me!

BZ#2271837 The KDE help center does not show the documentation for KDE applications.

Installs fine!

BZ#2271362 Wget2 blacklists files intended for download

Installs, and works! Thanks!


Installs and runs!

BZ#2272333 waycheck-1.2.0 is available

Installs fine here!

BZ#2270095 pinentry-1.3.0 is available

Installs fine here!

BZ#2253812 pocl-5.0 is available
BZ#2261524 pocl: FTBFS in Fedora rawhide/f40
BZ#2261533 psi-plus: FTBFS in Fedora rawhide/f40

Installs fine here!

Installs fine here!

BZ#2271367 xwayland-run-0.0.3 is available
BZ#2267086 plasma-wallpapers-dynamic-5.0.0 is available
BZ#2268704 Plugin doesn't work on KDE Plasma 6
BZ#2268508 Fedora 40 backgrounds for KDE

Fixed. There was one new file and I put it in the wrong (sub)package. Thanks for reporting this!

Yeah we did some changes yesterday and today. We’re working on fixing the transition

Installs here!

BZ#2253910 Review Request: xwayland-run - Set of utilities to run headless X/Wayland clients