This update has been unpushed.

Had the same crash as in #1337585 in current git master of kmail, this update fixes the crash.

BZ#1337585 quicknanobrowser from qt5-qtwebengine-examples-5.6.0-3.fc23.x86_64 crashes with stack smashing error

This update has been unpushed.

BZ#1282203 Breeze mouse cursor theme missing after upgrade


oxo: /var/run/$uid should be owned by the respective user, "1222 instead of 0" means you are running something as root (???), which is wrong. The second error indicates that there is no X server or that DISPLAY is not specified, which again is most probably result of you running something as root.

westford: on F21 this is correct: we want kf5-kactivities only on F22, because otherwise it breaks KDE4 applications. There is a special version of kf5-kactivities available in the plasma-5 Copr for Fedora 21 to be installed with Plasma 5.

backes: this is fixed by plasma-desktop-5.3.0-3.fc22

Oh, sorry, I haven't noticed you filed an update for that.

They are. I need to rebuild some Plasma 5 packages, but got stock on some broken packages. I'll try to resolve it today.