BZ#1889538 libreswan's /var/lib/ipsec/nss missing

I think the newer kernel-5.5.7 issue is with xl2tpd, not the latest libreswan, try unblacklisting the L2TP kernel modules, see:

The patch in this package (and the suggested Phase 1 Algorithm workaround for older versions of this package) is to avoid the following libreswan-3.30 config file syntax error:

ike string error: IKE DH algorithm 'modp1024' is not supported


L2TP/IPsec is still broken like in the other 4.14.x kernels, see :

L2TP/IPsec functionality is working, but now also need to issue the following to install the GUI component : dnf install NetworkManager-l2tp-gnome --enablerepo=updates-testing

BZ#1342335 NetworkManager-l2tp-gnome obsoletes wrong version of NetworkManager-l2tp

Just to add bit of clarification. Previous versions didn't have a separate NetworkManager-l2tp-gnome RPM. I believe the intention of the Obsoletes added to NetworkManager-l2tp-gnome was so that it would get installed in an update.

Sorry I should have commented here earlier rather than sending an email directly to Lubomir (lkundrak).

I didn’t think the failed qa.depcheck for NetworkManager-l2tp 1.0.2-1fc23 involving the following line that was added later to the spec file I submitted:

Obsoletes: NetworkManager-l2tp < 1.2.2

would have let it get pushed through.

I guess the best option now is to change that line to either one of the following:

Obsoletes: NetworkManager-l2tp < 1.0

Obsoletes: NetworkManager-l2tp < 1.0.2