I've experienced some crash of Nemo (reported by automatic problem reporting tool) in Gnome, but after that no issues found yet. The copying of large files seems to be fixed now. :)

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

Sorry guys, I wasn't able to stop this push in time yesterday, so it made it into stable... :-/

Anyhow, we're currently waiting for the fixes to OTF versions of the fonts. In case you're having problems after this update, you can issue $ sudo rm -f /usr/share/fonts/urw-base35/*.otf to temporarily workaround this issue.

My apologies for any inconvenience.

@moggers87: Please, create a new BZ for it, with screenshots attached. We are talking about fonts here - word description isn't just enough. Otherwise I can't help you.

Secondly, I will need to know what font was used for displaying of Helvetica prior to this update.

And one more thing - after you update to this package, try deleting all OTF versions of the fonts: $ sudo rm -f /usr/share/fonts/urw-base35/*.otf

Will this solve the issue?

After discussion with upstream I have decided to push this update into stable. @ellert, in case you need a workaround, you can delete the *.otf version of Standard Symbol PS for now.

The automatic upgrade should pass OK now with nimbus-sans-narrow subpackage installed. :)

Thanks you all guys for spotting this problem, I really appreciate it! I had a lot on my plate lately, and I started to make stupid mistakes like this... :-/ I really need a vacation soon. :D

Anyway, I have just finished a new build, you should see new update in bodhi soon... ;)

Hello @cserpentis - I wanted to ask: have you even tested this new update? This is the second time that I know of where you put +1 karma for an update which is clearly broken.

I'm not sure if you realize it, but the purpose behind Bodhi is not about receving title "This week's top tester"... It's purpose is for stopping updates that could break something for regular Fedora users. Please, keep that in mind next time you +1 something here. If we were to +1 everything, then we wouldn't need a humans for it, bots would be sufficent... :)

This update has been unpushed.

Manually pushed to stable, so the hylafax+ can be built against this version ASAP.

Hello @anonymous, we were discussing some issues at urw-base35-fonts upstream (, and I'm starting to get a feeling that one problem described there is causing this issue for you.

To clarify, the selected priority/ordering value of 60 for urw-base35-fonts is actually still too high, thus overriding some of the fontconfig defaults (which are less common though). I will be thinking about switching to value 61 or even lower, at least for Standard Symbols PS font which is most likely causing this (?).

I will have a discussion with fontconfig upstream about this as well, but probably no sooner than next week, because I'm engaged in my primary job responsibilites at the moment. :-/ Sorry for the inconvenience.


"I would have thought, there are no especial needs to block the release at the moment, but it needs some ajustments in future."

We have discovered one more bug, that LibreOffice is not able to use these fonts anymore, that I will be soon fixing. But since the Beta is coming, I'm pushing this into stable.

@anonymous Hmm, I guess in your case this update caused overwrite of some low priority LGC (Latin Greek Cyrillic) font that you were using before for displaying the Cyrillic characters.

IMHO it has 2 solutions: 1) I lower the priority of Standard Symbols PS font (used to display LGC characters AFAICT) in the package, but it can keep overriding other LGC fonts with even lower priority. 2) I change the "hinting" of the font for the fontconfig, telling it to make it smaller by default. However, it would require another rounds of guess-build-try-evaluate, because I can't read anything in LGC, and I would need your help in evaluatiing the changes to the size of the font.

I still prefer 2) as a solution, but the question is, if you are OK with helping me in this matter? :) Another question is - do you think that should block the release of urw-base35-fonts, or can I push it to stable this week?

Thank you for the info guys! I'm glad this works better now. :) There's one more problem caused by this update (ImageMagick not building with these fonts), so I have to wait until that is fixed (in ImageMagick) before I decide to push it into stable.

Here's the link for F27 TESTING BUILD:

Please, be aware that I tested it only with my system. I want to help you, but I can't make 100% guarantee this will work. :(

Here's the link for F25 TESTING BUILD:

Please, be aware that I tested it only with my system. I want to help you, but I can't make 100% guarantee this will work. :(

Here's the link for F26 TESTING BUILD:

Please, be aware that I tested it only with my system. I want to help you, but I can't make 100% guarantee this will work. :(

Hello people! Thank you for hanging out there why I was dealing with this.

# TL;DR;

I would like to apologize for the problems caused. This was not intentional for this to happen, and I'm really sorry for that. The new packages to solve this issue are currently being build.


Many people do not realize that, but (URW)++ fonts are needed by ghostscript for displaying correctly PostScript, PDF and other document types, as well as for conversition between these formats. And ghotscript is also used by many other applications, like Evince, ImageMagick, etc.

Because the current package urw-fonts in Fedora was a total mess, there were problems with versioning, and the fonts were outdated which started to be significant problem for ghostscript, I have decided (as a ghostscript maintainer) to create a new fonts package from scratch, which would follow Fedora Packaging Guidelines, and would be more easily maintainable for the future.


The main problem with this was in fontconfig priority/ordering, as many of you have found out. But to answer this properly, I need to give you more background.

Previously, the urw-fonts package was using config files from fontconfig directly. They were part of the 30-metric-aliases.conf and 30-metric-aliases.conf, in the /etc/fonts/conf.d folder.

When I was doing the "cleanup" for the new package, we agreed with urw-base35-fonts and fontconfig upstreams to move these config files into the new package, as it is preferable by fontconfig and FPG.

During creation of a new package, I have decided to use 35 as the new priority/ordering value. (That effectively means lowering the priority compared to initial value of 30.) This was a safety precausion, because I wanted to make sure the new fontconfig files would not mess up with default fontconfig configuration.

We agreed with fontconfig upstream/maintainer to do a release together via Bodhi. And here's where I made the mistake. I didn't realize that creating a new update in Bodhi for a new package would actually replace it for all users with the old urw-fonts package. My expectation was that it would just live in the updates repository alongside the (old) urw-fonts, and will be just available to people who would manually install the (new) urw-base35-fonts.

I wanted the new package to be ready for new fontconfig release, and for other steps I was preparing for the transition.

For some reason, after you have updated the package, it started to changing the default font configurations you had on your system. I really have no clue why it happened just now, and not before, since the fontconfig configuration was effectively before on the system as well. My wild guess is that the old urw-fonts package was such a mess that this issue had never came up to surface before?

Unfortunately, combination of this riddle and my screw-up is what caused all of these problems for you. :(


I have learned about this issue yesterday morning, and I had the fixes ready relatively fast. However, before making a new release, I wanted to make sure it fixes everything that was reported...

The rest of the day I've spent trying (I'm not kidding) to install F26, F27, and Rawhide into VM (KVM/QEMU). And with no success... o.O The installation took so much time everytime (I don't know why), and after I have finally finished the installation, it wouldn't boot up. I have tried different ways to get around it, but after several hours I gave up.

I have tested the basics that I could in our internal Fedora instances in OpenStack, and decided to release it now to not block the fixes longer.


Seems like all the build have passed successfully.


As I said before, I will be pushing new updates, but after discussion with fontconfig upstream/maintainer only for F27 and Rawhide. I never wanted to endanger the released Fedora, and don't want to change that. Luckily, the Bodhi process helped to stop the updates before them reaching the stable repository.

For all of you on F25 and F26 I have created a builds also that you can manually download, and which should (hopefully) fix your problems for now.

After that we can try to workaround how you can install the urw-fonts back.

Also, if you would find any problems with the new versions of the package, please, let me now so I can fix it ASAP. And if you have any other feedback, feel free to lay it on me.


Once again, I'm really sorry this happened. It was not intentional mistake, and I have learned some important lesson in that. I appreciate all your feedback and patience.

-- Dee'Kej --