Wait, what are you doing? Why did you unpush this update? F36, F35, and F34 are independent of each other, no need to modify the F36 update just because you want to submit something to F35 and F34, too.

And what do you mean by "bundle update"? If you mean creating multi-build updates from a koji side tag, you don't need buildroot overrides for that at all.


Works fine. Used it to clone a repo and file a PR.

Works fine, I've used this version to build dozens of packages over the past few days.

Works great, no problems encountered.

NB: There's still another update for annobin pending:

Please coordinate when either update is pushed to stable, otherwise the "older" one might win.


Looks good to me. Successfully compiles and runs test suites for all my projects. Also produces working wasm32-wasi binaries.

Test Case rust compile

Can you also submit this update to Fedora 35 and 34? The netlink Rust packages on F34 are currently broken (fail to build / fail to install), and I think the releases from this updates should fix that problem, too.

Looks good to me.

BZ#2072077 Get LLVM 14 to F36

Looks like annobin from this update has not been built against LLVM 14, which the older update has been:

I don't think this update should be pushed to stable, unless you can rebuild this version of annobin against LLVM 14 first. Additionally, if this update is pushed to stable before the LLVM 14 update, the older annobin build from the other update will supersede it once it's pushed to stable.

Works fine.

Fixes missing security update + upgrade path from Fedora 34 and 35.

BZ#2069210 mod_auth_openidc security update not submitted to F36+

Looks like mesa-vulkan-drivers from the new version is no longer recognized as "multilib", and breaks the upgrade to this version if you have both the .i686 and the .x86_64 version of the package installed (as the .i686 version is gone).

Please also submit python-ogr 0.37.0 to Fedora 36. Looks like packit ignored that release.

Please also submit packit 0.48.0 to Fedora 36. Looks like packit ignored that release.

Fixes upgrade path from Fedora 35.

BZ#2069232 translate-toolkit 3.6.0 not submitted to F36 or Rawhide