Tested BT profile switching, and it works perfectly when using Chrome with WebRTC meetings. Unfortunately it does not work with Firefox, but that seems to be application-specific and not a Pipewire issue.


Fixes journalctl bug successfully for me.

BZ#1404406 fix building against lz4 (with new versioning scheme)
Test Case Services start
BZ#1371413 git-cola 2.7 fails to launch
BZ#1371529 git-cola-2.8 is available

I was actually building my own devilspie2 packages because I didn't know it was available on the main repos yet. But now I'll be sure to give feedback on testing updates whenever I can. Thanks :)


Any reason why this hasn't been pushed to stable?

BZ#1321558 devilspie2-0,41 is available

Fixes the dependency issue on my system.

BZ#1342715 Conflict with okteta4-libs package

This is currently breaking dnf upgrade in stable for me. As andyl33 mentioned I do have wine and a bunch of i686 deps installed.


Works fine and seems to fix bug #1232443 correctly for me.


looks good to me