Ah this should work now, you can see the correct build in Bodhi. The koji build was missing a tag "f34-container-updates-candidate"

:( that looks like a problem with Bodhi.

Pushing the update will fail because the trojan-0-2 container is not on the candidate registry anymore, so we need to have the latest build .


Ha yeah this can be a bit confusing, if it does not show up you can just type it or copy/paste the build nvr in the field directly.

Let me know if that works :-)

Hi yanqiyu, could you edit this update and replace the current build trojan-0-2 by the latest one trojan-0-4 ?


Works on the fedora container base image

It seems that this is also breaking the container images see

Let's unblock that

We are checking with the fedpkg maintainers what needs to be done to have fedpkg support bodhi 5.

Please ignore this comment, this is just a test

@rjones nbdkit-1.17.2-1 is already available in f32 buildroot and was pushed in this update

Can you obsolete this update since it will not make it to stable.

+1 tested on OSBS stg successfully built a flatpak.