@kparal sorry, I was offline since beginning of august. Pushed now


This fixes bug 1950258 for me. The USB drive automounts for me when logged into gnome-shell, but more importantly it's not completely hanging the VM client like before.

BZ#1950258 USB flash disk cannot be mounted into a virtual machine.

I noticed a wireshark soname bump in rawhide which requires a libvirt rebuild. I see this wireshark version was also built for stable Fedora where soname bumps are not allowed, but I didn't test it myself so maybe I'm missing something. Soname bumps should be announced on fedora devel too:

@atim thanks for the report. I didn't realize apps were using the 'rhbugzilla' import path. I'll bring it back upstream and push a new build

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

Works in my testing

BZ#1761451 Review-Request: kata-runtime - Kata runtime to run containers in virtual machines

@lobocode Thanks for the report, I pushed a new update that should fix it

Fixes ipxe builds for me, please push, thanks!

BZ#1478564 ld segfault compiling ipxe package

This update has been unpushed.

@adamwill yeah I botched this a bit. my scripts for the -2 build accidentally dropped your patch. -3 build added it back on top of the CVE patches. i thought bodhi would combine update descriptions for new + obsoleted updates? or maybe it just absorbs the bug list for the obsoleted update. I'll update the description. the trick to add the .X to the release number so it doesn't mean different things for rawhide is a good one, I'll try to remember that for next time.

@nucleo thanks for pointing that out, it was an oversight, I've submitted the update now

Please push this to stable so libvirt isn't affected by the pkg-config breakage

@pisto yes, wait for the 'pushed to testing' comment to show up here

Grabbed from koji, fixes building libvirt for me (bug #1347869)

BZ#1347869 /usr/include/wireshark/config.h includes ws_diag_control.h which is not available

nucleo, thanks for reporting. looks like that issue is pre-existing, I filed a bug for it:

Grabbed from koji, this fixes #1294322 for me

BZ#1294322 nethog fails to establish socket as in debian bug #808433
BZ#1294363 nethogs fails with "creating socket failed while establishing local IP - are you root?"