Basic usage works.


I've been using this for a while now. Built from the same commit. I will replace that build with this one, but rpmdiff shows no relevant difference, so I am happy to provide karma right away.

BZ#2083639 Please build nox for Fedora 35 and 36

Used to test various Python projects with tox.

You don't need to. It just does that by default. In my opinion, this is better for producing more complete installs (by default, you can always opt-out). Anyway, this update is not the platform o discuss this. Use please.

Yes, we do need all the Pythons. qdarkstyle needs to be fixed nevertheless.

This was the case even before this update. Or do you see a regression?

Yeah, in order to create SRPMs that use the -w option, you need one of the following:

  • update the local pyproject-rpm-macros package to 1.2+
  • uninstall the local pyproject-rpm-macros package entirely
  • redefine %pyproject_buildrequires(rRxtNwe:) %{nil} (e.g. in ~/.rpmmacros)

Works for python-userpath.

Works for python-userpath.


Verified the fix for the Python sys.path issue. Thank you!

BZ#2080519 python3-libs 3.9.12-1 on s390x has broken sys.path (missing slash) under qemu 6.2.0

This update has been unpushed.

Alternatively, you can wait until botocore is pushed to stable and then push this one to testing.

obsoleted and unpushed, doesn't it mean the same here?

And obviously, my system does not use this, I posted the wrong comment. But this still works fine.

My system works perfectly fine

My system works perfectly fine