This update has been unpushed.

A newer build of openscad, openscad-2015.03.3-9.fc26, has already been pushed to stable. What happens here when openscad-2015.03.3-8.fc26 is in?

Might be. Don't know. Push to stable?

I had to manually remove alsa-lib-1.1.3-3.fc26.x86_64 before I could update. Maybe my system was a mess. Changing to +1 since I don't think the package is here to blame.

$ LANG=C.utf8 sudo dnf update --allowerasing --refresh
[sudo] password for churchyard: 
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:00 ago on Mon May 29 17:05:44 2017 CEST.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                   Arch     Version             Repository         Size
 kernel-debug-devel        x86_64   4.11.3-300.fc26     updates-testing    11 M
 alsa-lib                  i686     1.1.4-1.fc26        updates-testing   441 k
 alsa-plugins-pulseaudio   i686     1.1.4-1.fc26        updates-testing    45 k
 freetype                  i686     2.7.1-8.fc26        updates-testing   381 k
 libv4l                    i686     1.12.5-2.fc26       updates-testing   185 k
 llvm-libs                 i686     4.0.0-2.fc26        updates-testing    14 M
 mesa-libEGL               i686     17.1.1-1.fc26       updates-testing   111 k
 mesa-libGL                i686     17.1.1-1.fc26       updates-testing   189 k
 mesa-libOSMesa            i686     17.1.1-1.fc26       updates-testing   2.1 M
 mesa-libgbm               i686     17.1.1-1.fc26       updates-testing    47 k
 mesa-libglapi             i686     17.1.1-1.fc26       updates-testing    63 k
 opus                      i686     1.2-0.3.fc26        updates-testing   200 k
 qt                        i686     1:4.8.7-28.fc26     updates-testing   5.2 M
 qt-x11                    i686     1:4.8.7-28.fc26     updates-testing    14 M
 sqlite-libs               i686     3.19.1-1.fc26       updates-testing   492 k
 kernel-debug-devel        x86_64   4.11.0-2.fc26       @@commandline      43 M

Transaction Summary
Install   1 Package
Upgrade  14 Packages
Remove    1 Package

Total size: 49 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
[SKIPPED] kernel-debug-devel-4.11.3-300.fc26.x86_64.rpm: Already downloaded    
[SKIPPED] alsa-lib-1.1.4-1.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded                   
[SKIPPED] alsa-plugins-pulseaudio-1.1.4-1.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded    
[SKIPPED] freetype-2.7.1-8.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded                   
[SKIPPED] libv4l-1.12.5-2.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded                    
[SKIPPED] llvm-libs-4.0.0-2.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded                  
[SKIPPED] mesa-libEGL-17.1.1-1.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded               
[SKIPPED] mesa-libGL-17.1.1-1.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded                
[SKIPPED] mesa-libglapi-17.1.1-1.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded             
[SKIPPED] mesa-libOSMesa-17.1.1-1.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded            
[SKIPPED] mesa-libgbm-17.1.1-1.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded               
[SKIPPED] opus-1.2-0.3.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded                       
[SKIPPED] qt-4.8.7-28.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded                        
[SKIPPED] qt-x11-4.8.7-28.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded                    
[SKIPPED] sqlite-libs-3.19.1-1.fc26.i686.rpm: Already downloaded               
Running transaction check
Transaction check succeeded.
Running transaction test
The downloaded packages were saved in cache until the next successful transaction.
You can remove cached packages by executing 'dnf clean packages'.
Error: Transaction check error:
  file /usr/share/alsa/cards/aliases.conf from install of alsa-lib-1.1.4-1.fc26.i686 conflicts with file from package alsa-lib-1.1.3-3.fc26.x86_64
  file /usr/share/alsa/topology/bxtrt298/bxt_i2s.conf from install of alsa-lib-1.1.4-1.fc26.i686 conflicts with file from package alsa-lib-1.1.3-3.fc26.x86_64
  file /usr/share/alsa/topology/sklrt286/skl_i2s.conf from install of alsa-lib-1.1.4-1.fc26.i686 conflicts with file from package alsa-lib-1.1.3-3.fc26.x86_64

Error Summary

OpenSCAD works. But I'm not confident enough to give karma to all other 125 packages.


I can log in to my Xfce session just fine.

BZ#1421671 lightdm-1.22.0 is available

Seems to work normal.


The Interactive shell works. Also, creating venvs and installing things with pip and running them works.

@besser82 Could you please retest? I had to make more changes.

ipython now provides ipython2 / ipython3. notebook now recommends terminado

Note that this istestable from Mock, if you are not running Fedora 26 yet. All you need to do is to create a mock config with updates-testing.

cp /etc/mock/fedora-26-x86_64.cfg /etc/mock/fedora-26-x86_64-testing.cfg

edit /etc/mock/fedora-26-x86_64-testing.cfg (find [updates-testing], change enabled to 1)


mock -r fedora-26-x86_64-testing --init
mock -r fedora-26-x86_64-testing --install \
        notebook ipython2 python2-ipykernel
mock -r fedora-26-x86_64-testing --shell
  • Test ipython3.
  • Test ipython2.
  • Test jupyter-notebook
    • Test both kernels (2 and 3) in notebook

I see "Python detected LC_CTYPE=C: LC_ALL & LANG coerced to C.UTF-8 (set another locale or PYTHONCOERCECLOCALE=0 to disable this locale coercion behaviour)." as described. Click works. Python3 works. Dnf works.

BZ#1404918 Proposal: force C.UTF-8 when Python 3 is run under the C locale

This update has been unpushed.

Trying to install firmware from via Install custom firmware segfaults before the upload starts on this cura-lulzbot and the one in stable as well.

After uploading the new firmware, the printer communicates with Cura and sends acks but does not move (heating works).

When uploading the firmware (the crash is after the upload is successful):

load preferences from /home/churchyard/.cura-lulzbot/21.03/preferences.ini
Listening for engine communications on 49674
Flashing 84260 bytes
Verifying 84260 bytes
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Oh, sorry, I didn't have the chance. Maybe next Monday.

Bad provides, see #1411169