$ repoquery -q --repo=fedora{,-source} --releasever=38 --requires esptool.noarch | grep reedsolo
(python3.11dist(reedsolo) <= 1.6 with python3.11dist(reedsolo) >= 1.5.3)
BZ#2173422 F36FailsToInstall: lxqt-config

Both of the following works:

$ mock -r centos-stream-9-x86_64 --enablerepo=local install python3-tomli
$ mock -r centos-stream-8-x86_64 --enablerepo=local install python3-tomli

(The python3-tomli package has been added to centos stream very recently.)

nothing provides python3.11dist(mypy-extensions) >= 1 needed by python3-mypy-1.1.1-1.fc38.noarch

The source filename guessing is not working proeprly, preventing me from commits without --no-verify:

$ git push -u churchyard setuptools 
Source file 'v235.tar.gz' was neither listed in the 'sources' file nor tracked in git. Push operation was cancelled
Hint: this check (pre-push hook script) can be bypassed by adding the argument '--no-verify' argument to the push command.

But the specfile has:

Name:           python-systemd

So the source is python-systemd-235.tar.gz, not v235.tar.gz.

$ cat sources 
SHA512 (python-systemd-235.tar.gz) = f1286a477200cc7b4d2c44b43452da576e8e660925711466659795775bcee44796688e1ede6cc22e61cb5b03e631c396d22f9a133327ae1147506bce09bab47f

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