Works fine!

BZ#1503175 Review Request: thonny - Python IDE for beginners

Cannot install. Nothing provides python2-urwid needed by python2-speedometer-2.8-2.fc27.noarch. Note that there's python-urwid and you might need to require that one until urwid is rebuilt.

BZ#1504373 libarcus-3.0.3 is available
BZ#1504439 python-uranium-3.0.3 is available
BZ#1504321 cura-fdm-materials-3.0.3 is available
BZ#1505189 libsavitar-3.0.3 is available

Thank you @rdieter

BZ#1507859 Upgrading Qt to 5.9.2: QtQuick Application window not showing up

BTW for anyone main window of cura is not showing up: This is a bug introduced by Qt 5.9.2 and also affects cura 2.7.0, so there's no need to -1 this for that.

This prevents me form running cura. Upstreams bug reports at and Will do a bugzilla report and post it here.

My Selenium scripts are broken after update to Firefox 57. Will not yet karma-, but I will investigate further and report bugs if appropriate.

I'm doing some little improvements to the cura package. Also, Cura won't start on Qt 5.9.2 so this is untestable.

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

See the builds in - this all has to go in sync!


Allows me to upgrade.

BZ#1498207 DNF crash during upgrade installation F26 -> F27

OpenSCAD, Cura, CuraLulzbot, RepSnapper all work.

BZ#1427130 polyclipping-6.4.2 is available

@spot Could this be pushed to stable before the new update obsoletes it? I don't have an EL7 workstation to test this on, but this have been here for ~3 weeks. Thanks for consideration.

BZ#1489605 [abrt] fpaste: default(): Object of type 'bytes' is not JSON serializable

manpage no longer has traceback

Tox finally works! Thank You.

BZ#1373279 Cannot use Jython in tox

Starts, loads, displays and exports meshes fine. Thanks

BZ#1161846 Please upgrade meshlab to 2016.12