Works, thanks.

Works. Thanks.

Yes, we are releasing 4.0.5 now. This shouldn't get pushed and instead 4.0.5 should get released. Sorry!

Turns out we had a bug. We are releasing 4.0.5 now. Will revoke my karma to hopefully prevent this going live.



Works great.

Tested, and works fine.

Note we introduced a very minor icon glitch on cinnamon in this release for 1 of the buttons in the app. It has nothing to do with the packaging here though, and is a bug on our end.

We will release an update relatively soon to address this... but for now this is a good release (for the most part!)


Sorry it took me so long to check this. Works. Thanks.


Works perfectly!

Yeah works for me too. Tested this yesterday but forgot to add karma. Karma here!

Electron Cash developer here:

Thank you Jonny! This runs so much better now that you added the pycryptodomex dependency.

It works but I would really love for you to update it to use python3-cryptodomex (3.7.0) before you push it out...

Hi -- I didn't realize there is a login system here. i logged in and am repeating my last comment:

"Electron Cash developer here. I installed it on my F29 system and I can confirm everything works great, as intended."