Oops, this update breaks WebKit quite badly, but seems it is too late to pull it. My fault....

OK, since you removed your negative karma, I'll submit this to stable. The bug report will remain open since you report it's not properly fixed.

If you push this to stable, I will request your commit access to gnome-control-center be revoked.

I've removed the bug to ensure it doesn't get closed by this update, since the flickering is reportedly not completely fixed.

That said, if the update reduces the severity of the flickering for you, then it's still OK to give positive karma even if it's not fixed completely, since it's not likely a better fix will be available before final freeze.

Hi Pete, I'm not a provenpackager. I can only touch gnome-control-center via gnome-sig. Honestly I'm quite surprised by your negative reaction here, because gnome-sig members push to our packages, including gnome-control-center, all the time. If you don't mind, perhaps you could join #fedora-desktop on so we can talk and perhaps coordinate better in the future. We discussed this power-profiles-daemon change there yesterday, and were surprised to see you reintroduce it today.

The WG approved power-profiles-daemon on the assumption that it would be installed by default and receive testing throughout the F34 development cycle. It's unfortunate that we didn't notice power-profiles-daemon was missing prior to now, but the week before final freeze is not the time to try to change that. If this update went out now, it would just inconvenience everybody, because we would have to apply for a freeze exception to undo it.

@pwalter No, it didn't break anything, but to be clear, you must not push this update because it will cause a new system daemon to be added to the default install. Negative karma is useful to indicate that the update should not be pushed. I'm already preparing a new update to obsolete this one.

As far as I can tell, you may have reintroduced this Recommends by mistake? Bastien removed it yesterday after I talked with him about it, then your commit added it back. We have some discussion in Anyway, no further action is required, right now we're just waiting for koji.

Bastien, when we approved the change, we did not assume that implementation would be delayed until one week before final freeze. Adding a new system daemon one week before final freeze is not OK. However much testing you've done, it's no substitute for releasing the daemon as part of F34 beta and waiting to see how many bug reports we get. Maybe it would have gone perfectly fine, maybe not, but at this point it's just too late.

Please do not attempt to add a new system daemon in a post-release update: that's not allowed and we'll just require you to revert the update if you do. Wait until Fedora 35.

(I also recommend adding the daemon to F35 comps, so that this Recommends isn't the only thing that causes it to get pulled in.)

Hi, the problem here is that power-profiles-daemon has not received enough testing yet because it wasn't installed by default before this update. The Recommends is going to result in it being installed by default. IMO it should only be added to F35, not to F34.

BZ#1933433 systemd-resolved: stub resolver is not working properly

I've confirmed this version fixes the -fdiagnostics-color/-fcolor-diagnostics bugs.

BZ#1925299 ccache 4.0 can't handle -fdiagnostics-color/-fcolor-diagnostics

I'm very confused, but it seems to be somehow switching between GCC and Clang:

Fixed the typo, thanks!


Bug is fixed, thanks!

BZ#1887025 gdb doesn't suggest a debuginfo-install command

@mgrabovs, please submit this for stable ASAP, thanks!