Thanks @tis for catching that. I fixed this in poco-1.12.2-3.el9, although slightly differently than you proposed. There is no need to keep the rawhide spec file compatible with long EOL Fedora versions, and building this spec file for EPEL7 would an incompatible update. Because of those reasons I just dropped the conditional entirely so that it always builds against mariadb-connector-c-devel.

LGTM, lumina-desktop is installable with this update.

BZ#2104321 lumina-desktop: fails to install from epel9

Looks good now to me.

BZ#2047823 Please branch and build ipython for EPEL 9
[TerminalIPythonApp] WARNING | Could not copy README_STARTUP to startup dir. Source file /usr/lib/python3.9/site-packages/IPython/core/profile/README_STARTUP does not exist.

This warning doesn't show up with the rawhide package. I checked manually and sure enough that file is in the f38 build but not in the el9 build.

This update changed the library soname and broke the installation of other packages. In the future please follow the EPEL Incompatible Upgrades policy so that rebuilds of other packages can be coordinated.

BZ#2082129 Please branch and build minizip for epel9

Confirming that this update resolves #2104322.

BZ#2104322 po-debconf: fails to install from epel9

By installing dnf-plugins-core (which provides dnf-command(config-manager)).

While testing this in a container I noticed that we should probably add Recommends: dnf-command(config-manager) to pull in dnf-plugins-core to make sure the crb script is functional.

[root@46d5c489ee3e /]# crb enable
Enabling CRB repo
No such command: config-manager. Please use /usr/bin/dnf --help
It could be a DNF plugin command, try: "dnf install 'dnf-command(config-manager)'"
CRB repo is disabled

Verified the new builds install with nginx-1.22.0-1.fc35.

BZ#2093632 F35FailsToInstall: nginx-mod-naxsi
BZ#2093633 F35FailsToInstall: nginx-mod-vts

Verified the new builds install with nginx-1.22.0-1.fc36.

BZ#2093254 F36FailsToInstall: nginx-mod-naxsi
BZ#2093255 F36FailsToInstall: nginx-mod-vts

I'm curious, why was this unpushed?

The changes in the upstream pull request ended up causing a regression on GNOME 41. The PR was revised to change the compatible gnome-shell versions to just 42.

This update increased the library soname from 1 to 3. This is considered an incompatible upgrade and is not normally allowed by EPEL policy. If you must perform an update like this for security reasons, you must follow the incompatible upgrades policy. This update breaks installation of hwinfo.