I was able to reproduce with kf5 version, problem was fixed in trunk and its backported to 7.5 now. libreoffice- will include that fix for this

Testing under VirtualBox and Fedora 38 image, then for me (with default gtk3 version) I get a working preview in the print dialog. This is a resizable dialog, does it make any difference if you modify the size a little? Maybe its best to turn this into a bug so you could attach a screen shot so I could try and figure it out.

what are the symptoms of "print preview no longer works" ? is it file,print preview in writer ? Does it fail to trigger into print preview, or is print preview blank (or doesn't show text but does show images)?

ah, so that means its not a new bug in this update, but instead a bug we already had. I have now submitted a patch upstream for this preexisting problem which I can roll up in a future update:

And that is new in this update vs the current version? What version is it that does not have that problem vs this update so I can see what might have changed. I presume from your log that this is with libreoffice-kf5 installed?

stop spamming it achieves nothing in a rawhide erratum

Copy and paste from impress work fine me under GNOME on wayland

BZ#1692584 Review Request: mythes-de - German thesaurus

Not right now. Eventually maybe. But wrt smb, there's nothing special about them vs say http/https from LibreOffice's perspective so its a general remote links issue rather than a specific smb links issue.

Wrt notification, right now there is no such notification ui so its not practical to provide one in a timely manner, though some form of infobar notification would be a good idea. Wrt opt in/out out, what we have available is an opt-in/out-out for all links, smb, http, https etc. So opening any html with graphic links in them would auto-fail which is a bit radical, especially in the absence of a ui to explain and rectify it.

The 100% cpu thing is an issue with a testing update version of glib2 which now has a later version without that problem, so this libreoffice update is unrelated to that


This version of glib2 triggers in LibreOffice, seen also upstream as with archlinux and the same version. ArchLinux bug is

works for me