Boots, gets me back to a working wifi (#1800335).

BZ#1800335 iwlwifi: Can't parse phy_sku in B0, empty sections (missing firmware?)

My only guess is that /usr/bin/bst somehow uses the version of bst I have installed with pip.

That's standard Python behaviour:

>>> import sys
>>> sys.path
['', '/usr/lib64/', '/usr/lib64/python3.7', '/usr/lib64/python3.7/lib-dynload', '/home/mathieu/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages', '/usr/lib64/python3.7/site-packages', '/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages']

Python searches for modules to import in those directories in this order, so the one in your homedir gets imported before the system one.

So if you install Buildstream both from the package and with pip install --user, you're always using the one in your homedir.

You probably only want to use one, not both.


$ rpm -q buildstream
$ /usr/bin/bst --version

Please remove the one you have in your home before testing again.

@catanzaro: which bst? I suspect you installed one in the past in your ${HOME} with pip install --user.


With 1.4.0, GNOME Software would hang completely when trying to update a Flatpak app, showing this in the terminal:

09:21:17:0369 GLib-GObject specified class size for type 'GsFlatpakTransaction' is smaller than the parent type's 'FlatpakTransaction' class size

This update fixes that.


This bumps soname, should this really be pushed as a stable update?

hplip was rebuilt against this, and made it to stable independently, so it's now broken. When a soname bumping update like this really has to be pushed to stable, all the dependent packages should be bundled in the same update so they all go to stable at the same time.


I only tested python3-grpcio, but it's working just fine.


I only tested python3-grpcio, but it's working just fine.

Working fine.

BZ#1616075 Please upgrade F28 to blessings 1.7

I just got bitten by the missing dep on eu-strip, and can confirm this makes flatpak-builder work.


Works fine for me.


Seems towork for me.


Works fine.

Updated my already installed flatpak apps, installed a new one, tried running a few, and even built one locally, it all works.

Tested updating my installed flatpaks, installing a new one, and even building some with flatpak-builder, it all seems to work.

I couldn't test the gnome-software crasher though.

I do get the right artwork for the system upgrade.

Working here.