Since other people have some issues, and I didn't go trough all the test, I can only confirm that my basic setup works.


seems to work fine for me

I'll leave neutral karma, but arduino "ide" doesn't start, nothing happens, if you execute it manually /usr/bin/arduino Error: Could not find or load main class

arduino-1.6.4-2.fc23.noarch arduino-doc-1.6.4-2.fc23.noarch arduino-core-1.6.4-2.fc23.noarch

latest update fixes automatic startup on systems without kgpg config ... (where it is not needed)


works fine for me

everything I use works, nothing broken ;-)

Works fine, also Xorg doesn't run as root anymore on my system ;-)


regular browsing, everything looks fine

BZ#1258227 midori-0.5.11 is available

screensaver works

Because this is just a bugfix, I didn't test it (patch/fix), except it doesn't break things.


System works fine (LUKS(LVM())), also other drives which use LUKS work fine


works for me

Works ok here

Basic desktop use is OK, no issues with compositing window managers ..., also fixes bug #1252660 for me. (this is on gen4/4.5 hw.)


I tested removing package before this update, package was a dependency for other package, it failed (just like in bug report). After installing this package from koji, I was able to remove same package, it asked to remove other package depending on it. Everything looks OK.

tested manually installing dep, fixes the problem, then did yum history undo... later tested this package from koji, "Installing for dependencies: socat", and pam-kwallet opens kwallet. Fixes bug #1155873 for me

workarounds bug #1164783