Generally works, boots fine, shuts down fine, suspend/resume works, no new "kernel error messages".

gnome-control-center still works in general, Fedora logo is displayed on About page (I guess that's related to this change).


If using a wayland based session is enough for testing then all still works for me.

@perex do you want to push this to stable? (it doesn't get much more feedback) It seems that automatic push was disabled due to first build having issues and our negative karma, but it seems bodhi doesn't reset those options when new build was added and karma was reset. (not sure how it works, not a packager)


Indirectly tested using applications which in the background (via other libraries) use gnutls, no issues with HTTPS connections.


All works ok (intel integrated graphics)

BZ#2057653 mesa-21.3.7 is available

Generally works, no issues on boot/shutdown, suspend2ram works. Also solves issue with intel hd audio and realtek codec. (same issue as @freddyw mentioned.

Quick testing of Epiphany, Liferea and Evolution all seems to work as expected.

Audio/video plays with gstreamer1 based players.


System still works after reboot.

Firmware loads fine, audio still works as expected (for me):

sof-audio-pci-intel-cnl 0000:00:1f.3: Firmware info: version 2:0:0-b678a

@lsm5 I cannot say about functionality since I do not use it, but updates installed fine, no errors, so I guess the issue is resolved with warning about replacing manpages ...

BZ#2042696 After latest selinux-policy update getting constant errors from tumblerd

I can confirm that on F35 at least you need to pass --check=crc32 for xz when compressing otherwise default is CRC64.

I'm far from someone familiar with the topic, I see by the commits that compression is recently introduced for these firmware files. What I found online is that by default CRC32 should be used and is only supported if I'm not wrong, and default is CRC64 as a checksum:

# file /lib/firmware/intel/sof/intel-signed/sof-cnl.ri.xz 
/lib/firmware/intel/sof/intel-signed/sof-cnl.ri.xz: XZ compressed data, checksum CRC64

When I look for other xz compressed firmware it's all CRC32:

# find /lib/firmware/ -iname \*.xz -exec file '{}' \; | grep CRC | awk '{ print $NF }' | sort -u 

Could this be the issue?


Everything still works (after reboot), not sure how to properly test.