BZ#2034280 ImageMagick-6.9.12-37 is available

Tested on a VM. Confirmed fix of BZ 1996998

BZ#1996998 Cannot reboot/poweroff on login screen
BZ#1998681 KDE needs to pick up F35 backgrounds

No longer get the ambiguous shortcut key message when launching Kate.

General usage works. My SSH keys are added to the agent on login again, which was the most annoying pain point for me.

BZ#1972982 dnf errors with Plasma 5.22.1 due to its KF >= 5.83.0 requirement
BZ#1973378 libksysguard-5.22.1-1.fc34.x86_64 conflicts with ksysguard-backend < 5.21.90 provided by ksysguard-backend-5.21.5-1.fc34.x86_64

Confirmed the update reduces transaction from 50 packages to 1.


Update is generally functional

It's logotastic.

BZ#1952518 Instal to hard drive logo on kde spin is old one and not the new

Functional and more in-line with the packaging guidelines!


Works as expected on my F34 Plasma VM

BZ#1917996 redhat-fonts-4.0.1 is available