BZ#1925346 Screen glitches after updating to Kernel 5.10.10
BZ#1773374 ccache-3.7.7 is available

works for me

BZ#1630233 Unable to unlock (or cancel) LUKS-encrypted USB drive or SD card in GNOME

fixes #1569756 for me


fixes #1565741 [which is likely due to #1564210 ]

User Icon balay commented & provided feedback on glibc-2.26-8.fc27 6 years ago

libcrypt-nss-2.26-8.fc27.i686 appears to be missing from this update [for x86_64 install]

I assumed it was some mirror issue - and downloaded this rpm manually from koji and installed this update (a week back). But I suspect this rpm is still missing. [well 'dnf list extras' still flags it for me]

BZ#1494850 urw-base35-*-fonts.noarch packages overrides default monospace, serif and sans serif fonts

I would hope such a change would be documented at the least in the package changelog

The reported bugs appear to be fixed in this update

BZ#1387281 [abrt] xorg-x11-server-Xwayland: Segmentation fault at address 0x10
BZ#1396630 [abrt] xorg-x11-server-Xwayland: Floating point exception at address 0x4ee4de

I had python2-tracer-0.6.11-1 installed [which provided /usr/bin/tracer] - but with this update - /usr/bin/tracer no longer exists.

So I had to do: yum install python3-tracer tracer-common

Somehow this switch should be managed automatically? [or /usr/bin/tracer be preserved in python2-tracer?]


works for me.


BZ 1214868 aka BZ 1214973 fixed for me


resolves bz 1161052 for me