User Icon averi commented & provided feedback on nrpe-3.2.1-8.el7 4 years ago

Works as expected, thanks!

BZ#1637727 nrpe does not start on RHEL 7.5

Publishing a fix during the next hour, please give 1.2.6p16-2 a try as soon as it's built. Thanks!

@tarvin, check-mk-agent has a plugin that requires PHP to run properly. Each RPM file should include all the requirements in order for it and its functionalities to work as expected and this is the case. I'm honestly not sure why php takes in httpd and httpd-tools, but that's probably a question for the php maintainers. More details about this at

Works for me on a RHEL 7 system.

Seems to work just fine, an example taken from one of our hosts running the package:


Everything looks OK to me.