booted on a rpi4

BZ#1944411 uboot-tools-2021.04 is available
BZ#1946278 latest uboot fails to load the dtb
BZ#1947634 Missing dependency on xz

rpi3 and 4 both booted fine. one keyboard did slow down booting

BZ#1921924 Raspberry Pi 3B+ boots incredibly slow after CPU failed to come online errors
BZ#1936147 bcm283x-firmware update breaks booting on Raspberry Pi 3B+

This fixes the issues in the previous build that prevented dirsrv from starting on AArch64

segfaults when starting on aarch64


Fixes the issues I saw with dnf in containers on 32 bit arm


allows networking to work again on my orangepi pc2


works here

BZ#1861055 hplip: remove threading.Thread.isAlive method calls - use threading.Thread.is_alive()
BZ#1861055 hplip: remove threading.Thread.isAlive method calls - use threading.Thread.is_alive()
BZ#1825247 U-Boot 2020.4 (and earlier) do not support Wandboard IMX6Q-BW RevD1
BZ#1826099 u-boot does not load from sdcard on rockpro64

I can confirm that fixes bz#1823463

BZ#1823463 hwclock unable to set system time

Works over here

BZ#1823415 uboot-tools-2020.04 is available

jetson nano boots with the u-boot update


Broke my freeipa install

Jetson Nano now reboots instead of hanging


Works here for slicing and my printer is printing the resulting gcode

BZ#1779297 prusa-slicer-2.2.0 is available
BZ#1799898 prusa-slicer: FTBFS in Fedora rawhide/f32
BZ#1697674 uboot-tools-2019.04 is available

tested on pine64 and pinebook works well.

Worked well to produce a usable gcode file for my mk2.5

BZ#1460196 Build RPM of latest release

tested grub2-efi-x64-2.02-57.fc29.x86_64 on my system which ihas a motherboard and it booted fine