I can change the brightness of my desktop monitors

BZ#2176759 Some apps take much longer to start in Plasma in F38 than F37 if xdg-desktop-portal-gnome is installed

Instructions to reproduce:

  1. Downgrade any one package and reboot
  2. Within 5 minutes of login, start the System Update in Discover
  3. Wait until download finishes or at least 5 minutes pass (whichever takes longer)
  4. Reboot to apply the update
  5. Verify the update did not happen

Install this update, reboot and try again

This build does not include the fix for crashing under sddm. That would be sddm-0.19.0^git20230320.e07e805-2.fc37


BZ#2178971 xdg-desktop-portal-kde is launching and crashing when SDDM launches the Wayland greeter
BZ#2173298 sddm on kwin_wayland: Multi-monitor opens all greeter windows on one monitor

Solves my issue, happy pwning

BZ#2149766 pwntools does not work properly on python3.11

No, it's not the crash in sddm.

It's xdg-desktop-portal starting too soon when logging into the desktop, with an incomplete environment. That means that every call to the portal goes to xdg-desktop-portal-gnome instead of -kde. Also any call that causes the portal to start a new process makes it also have an incomplete environment, meaning you get wrong Qt theming, cursor, possibly broken functionality... See the list of duplicate bugs at

On the other hand, the too-early start only happens in the Xorg session, so given that we default to Wayland it's maybe not as urgent.

For completeness, the xdg-desktop-portal is also broken without this update, but it would have been fixed by updating to 5.26.0 or 5.26.1. Unfortunately it broke agian in 5.26.2 without the qt5-qtbase patch

With plasma-workspace 5.26.2 the xdg-desktop-portal is broken without updating the qt5-qtbase patch collection. It was already updated in rawhide as 5.15.7. Can we include that in this update? Alternatively, backport to the current qt5-qtbase f37 package

@adamwill @ngompa @jgrulich

I also experienced konsole and some other windows being reset to their smallest size (testing on f36 via copr). I can also reproduce your issue with widget popups. This is probably a regression after the changes that made popups of panel widgets resizeable by dragging their corners. You should report the bug to KDE directly...

I'm not sure if it should be a blocker.

@tinigriffy I had to regenerate /etc/X11/xorg.conf as well, on nvidia