BZ#1825405 qutebrowser-1.11.1 is available
BZ#1835335 CVE-2020-11054 qutebrowser: Improper handling of certificates while visiting pages [fedora-all]

Seems to work when testing with Electrum, although I haven't tried actually doing anything apart from confirming that the device is recognized. As noted by maintainer, trezorctl fails because of missing python3-construct. Installing that from COPR fixes it, so it should work when the new version gets uploaded. Thanks for updating this package!

Unfortunately this seems to not be installable because of missing dependencies:

 Problem: conflicting requests
  - nothing provides python3.7dist(pyblake2) >= 0.9.3 needed by python3-trezor-0.11.4-2.fc30.noarch
  - nothing provides python3.7dist(shamir-mnemonic) >= 0.1.0 needed by python3-trezor-0.11.4-2.fc30.noarch
BZ#1742440 youtube-dl-2019.09.01 is available

Fixes #1731224. Thanks!

BZ#1731224 newsboat tries to allocate 32 GiB of memory on startup

Fixes the YouTube 403 issue.

BZ#1704505 youtube-dl-2019.06.08 is available

Works well with an ed25519 key. I had to make sure session optional pam_ssh.sowas above session required open to avoid an SELinux denial.

The newer version supports OpenSSL 1.1. Changing the BuildRequires should be enough to make it use the new version.

Thanks so much for updating this!

BZ#1687472 Please update to newest version
BZ#1640405 vdirsyncer broken on Fedora 29
BZ#1642137 khal is broken on Fedora 29
BZ#1653078 khal-0.9.10 is available

Brings in the proper dependencies and starts fine.


Tested with Trezor. No problems. Thanks!


Works well with the new python-trezor and python-jsonrpclib.

BZ#1510611 update 3.0.1

Works with the new Electrum update.

Works well with the new Electrum update in testing.


Works great

BZ#1473961 [abrt] khard: resolve(): The 'vobject==0.9.2' distribution was not found and is required by khard
BZ#1338434 youtube-dl-2016.06.23 is available

Fixes #1303307 for me. No issues discovered.

BZ#1303307 Awesome WM: Some key bindings (e.g. window close) sporadically stop to work for already open clients

Been using the plugin all day; works great.